Commissioned work "Kumihimo cord", 16 respectively 20 threads

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by pro Lana Basic Cotton / Mochila Kunsthandwerk

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    I will be happy to weave you a 16 or 20 thread Kumihimo cord from the 3 main colours of your Mochila or according to your 3 desired colours. I take the yarn from my own stock (Pro Lana Basic Cotton), not from your yarn order.

    Beginning and end of the cord are loosely knotted, each with 10 cm overhang, so that you can make decorative braids or twist small cords - or you tighten the knot and shorten the overhang to your desired length.
    If you decide to attach end caps, simply wrap one of the protruding threads 3-4 times very tightly around the cord, tighten the thread using a loop knot, first guide it through the wrappings from bottom to top using a wool needle and then from top to bottom again. Now you can cut off the protrusions directly at the lower edge of the wraps and glue them into the end caps.

    The price refers to 10 cm cord braid, i.e.: if you want a cord with a length of 50 cm, order 5 pieces/units, for a cord of 1m/100cm you order 10 pieces/units.

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