Commissioned work "shoulder strap", as shoulder strap or cross-body strap

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    Length: 120/160 cm woven, plus fringes each at the beginning and end of the strap
    width: 4 cm

    Yarn: Pro Lana Basic Cotton

    Delivery time: about 1 week - the straps are specially manufactured according to customer requirements.

    The shoulder strap is woven by hand and fits perfectly to the Mochilas, but is also suitable for other purposes.
    It comes complete with fringes. Important: do not simply cut the fringes. The selvage would dissolve! The fringes are therefore left long enough so that you can make braids from them according to your personal taste, twist cords or simply knot them together in groups of ten to secure the woven piece. In addition, the weft thread (the thread used to weave horizontally) is sewn, but not cut, so that you can sew the shoulder strap to the mochila with it.

    How to sew a woven shoulder strap is shown in this video tutorial.

    The shoulder straps can be ordered in all Basic Cotton colours. The colour combination depends on the colours in which you have crocheted your Mochila.
    Simply let me know your colour preferences by email or in the text field that opens during the ordering process.

    For the Pro Lana Basic Cotton click here.

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