Here you find the patterns for mochilas and mini-mochilas including the corresponding patterns for the shoulder straps / cross-body straps and braiding instructions for the Kumihimo-Mobidai disc and the Kumihimo cords.

The patterns are designed as a course/introduction to mochila arts and crafts, i.e. they contain text as well as photos and links to the videos, which you can watch here in advance. The videos are partly in English, partly without language and in principle self-explaning. They shouldn't cause any difficulties. If you have any questions, please contact me! I will be glad to help you!

If you don't have a loom (I recommend the Ashford Inkle Loom) or a Kumihimo braiding disc and don't want to spend money on that, you can order the matching shoulder strap for your own mochila as well as the Kumihimo cord from me. The only condition: your Mochila must be made of "Pro Lana Basic Cotton" so that I can make the strap and cord from the same material as your Mochila was made from. Of course I use yarn from my own stock.

For all those who do not own a loom, I have designed a pattern for a crocheted shoulder strap. The pattern is free and will be automatically sent with every mochila pattern.

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