Video tutorials


Here you can find videos about the work processes I used and described in my Mochila crochet patterns.

If you have never crocheted a mochila before or if you have problems with one or the other step, I recommend you to watch these videos. They will certainly help you to get over (initial) difficulties and the work will be pure pleasure.

They are videos by Marion Verloop, a great Mochila artisan, who kindly allowed me to link her videos. I am very happy to have met her as she is a constant source of inspiration and know-how.

Video tutorial 01:
a) Basic technique, carrying threads, colour change
b) The mochila stitch - how it succeeds

Video tutorial 02:
Avoid tangling

Video tutorial 03:
Skein change

Video tutorial 04:
Frankfurter Knoten / Magic knot

Video tutorial 05:
a) Magic Ring - round bottom with 8 increases
b) round bottom with 10 increases
c) round bottom with 12 increases
d) oval bottom

Video tutorial 06:
Duplicate partial sections of the bottom

Video tutorial 07:
Offset increases

Video tutorial 08:
Transition from bottom to side

Video tutorial 09:
Button holes for the cord

Video tutorial 10:
a) Crab stitch
b) Double crab stitch

Video tutorial 11:
Oh, scare! You crocheted a stitch in the wrong color?
Correction of single stitches without frogging

Video tutorial 12:
Yarn over-yarn over respectively yarn over-yarn under (Yo-yo respectively yo-yu)

Video tutorial 13:
With some - e.g. diagonal or vertical - patterns the round transition can be laminated
Seamless round transition

Video tutorial 14:
How to crochet a shoulder strap

Video tutorial 15:
a) How to crochet a cord
b) How to braid a cord with the Kumihimo-Mobidai-Disc

Video tutorial 16:
b) Makramee tassels
a) How to fix the tassels

Video tutorial 17:
How to save the ends of the woven shoulder strap

Video tutorial 18:
a) Attaching the woven shoulder strap
b) Attaching the adjustable shoulder strap

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