Shopping Nets


Byebye plastic bags, hello shopping nets
or: back to nature...

Finally, this plastic bag madness is over, and people are thinking back to "old values", such as the shopping net with which I used to be sent to the milkman, way back tomy child hood. In one hand the milk can, in the other hand the shopping net for butter or cheese and everything you could buy at the milkman's.

From this retrospect, my shopping nets were created, which are a little different from the old ones, because they have a bottom and a top, both crocheted in the Wayuu technique, which suits the nets very well, I think, and shopping is so much more fun.

Shopping nets, patterns, video-tutorials and everything you need for your own net can be found here:

Click here for the shopping nets.

Click here for the shopping net patterns.

Click here for the video tutorials for the Wayuu technique.

All you need for crocheting your own shopping net you find here.