What a Mochila or a Mochila Wayuu is, I have already explained to you on the homepage. At this point I would like to add a few explanatory words.

Crocheting a mochila has nothing to do with traditional crocheting, really nothing at all. A mochila is not a pot holder, a mochila is a challenge! It puts will, stamina, concentration and the desire to learn to the test. Whoever passes this test has won and will be enthusiastic about this wonderful handicraft. Promised!

There are many ways to crochet a mochila. If you want to do it right, you will find a very varied hobby. It includes crocheting, weaving and braiding - and if you want, you can of course create your own patterns. This is a challenge for advanced crocheters - but don't let it stop you! The motto is: let's go to new shores!

Help us with your work to distribute this wonderful handicraft. Enjoy yourself and your beloved ones with these great bags. You will be admired wherever you carry them.

However, all beginnings are difficult. I therefore recommend that you first take a look at all the helpful videos I have compiled for you here. They were made by Marion Verloop - a wonderful Mochila artisan who truly understands her craft. As already mentioned above: a Mochila is not a pot-holder or a summer top that is crocheted over the weekend. It really needs a visual introduction - without failure is pre-programmed. Watch the videos, lean back, a cup of cappuccino or a glass of red wine can't hurt, and enjoy what Marion shows you.


Finished products, patterns, video tutorials and everything you need for your own mochila can be found here:

Finished products


Video tutorials

All you need for crocheting your own mochila




crocheting, weaving, braiding - perfect!