Yarn Unwinder, Yarn Dispenser - Handmade!

Item num.: GaAbWi

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type of wood:
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    Dimensions base plate:
    ca. 30 x 18 x 2.5 cm

    Dimensions rods:
    19 x 1 cm

    base plate: wood, various, with rounded edges, oiled with ecological hard oil and 4 anti-slip feet
    rods: stainless steel
    sockets: aluminium

    Scope of delivery:
    1 wood base plate
    6 stainless steel rods

    As a yarn dispenser with up to 6 yarn spools arranged next to each other is very long, this yarn dispenser has been designed differently. Here, the spools of yarn are attached in two rows of 3 spools each, which, apart from the more practical handling, has the advantage that it fits into any hand luggage and can therefore be taken along comfortably when travelling. Of course, this is also made possible by the removable stainless steel rods, and so the handy yarn dispenser can be transformed in no time into a small space-saving wonder for those who love to travel.

    In this example, the balls of yarn were simply wound onto insulating tubes with a diameter of 2 cm (EN 20), which can be bought for little money in any DIY store. These are not included in the scope of delivery.
    Of course, the yarn can also be wound on the cardboard rolls of kitchen paper or similar stuff.

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