Mochila "Cherokee 1" Wayuu style, with hand-woven shoulder strap

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    The bag is completely handmade in the way of the Wayuu and captivates on the one hand by the difficult design and on the other hand by the very aesthetic color composition.
    I have designed the Mochila „Cherokee“ after an ancient pattern that the Cherokee Indians used to weave their blankets and carpets.

    It is made of 100% cotton, mercerized and gassed, which gives the bag a beautiful shine.
    Diameter: 22 cm
    Height: 27 cm

    The bag is crocheted in the high quality single thread technique. This crochet technique results in a very fine, distinctive pattern and is extremely time-consuming to process.

    The shoulder strap is hand-woven with 69 threads, the cord is hand-braided with 20 threads according to the Japanese model in the Kumihimo-Mobidai technique.

    The fringes of the shoulder strap are hand-braided, using the same technique as the cord.

    The result is a high quality and fashionable mochila that many will envy.

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