Tensioning Mat for Mochilas

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    Dimensions: 38 x 30 cm

    Having trouble keeping the circumference of your mochila? Your mochila shows slight bumps or dents during crocheting? Then this tension mat will surely serve you well. On the one hand, you can use it to check the circumference continuously and on the other hand, you can leave the tension mat in the mochila, for example overnight, so that it can "relax" due to the slight pressure exerted by the tension mat.
    In addition, tensioning the side also automatically tensions the bottom, so that small irregularities, waves, bulges, etc. can certainly be magicked away overnight.

    To achieve a stable result, you need 3 tension mats for small and medium mochilas and 4 for large mochilas. If you use too few tension mats, you will not get a nice, stable roundness.
    Stick the mats together in a scale shape, e.g. with packing tape, and align the mats with the diameter of the mochila base and the hight of the mochila. This way you can easily keep a consistent diameter.

    If you want to crochet a conical mochila or another conical vessel, simply glue the mats together a little wider towards the top. Thus, any circumference can be adjusted.

    But also for stretching the mochilas after washing, these mats are quite excellent!

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