Dreamcatcher "Sunrays" / Boho wall decoration

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Content: 1 piece

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    23 x 60 cm

    3mm thick macramé yarn for the macramé part.
    cotton yarn (100% cotton, mercerised) for the crocheted part
    1 bamboo ring
    Wooden beads in various sizes and colours
    5 real feathers

    By buying the materials I support a non-profit inclusion company based here in Germany, where severely disabled and non-disabled people work closely together.

    This beautiful dreamcatcher captivates with its pattern crocheted like sunrays inside the bamboo ring, which enclose a brown and a yellow sun ring. The distinctive macramé pattern underneath the ring underlines the filigree character of this dreamcatcher.
    The 12 large wooden beads in the upper part of the dreamcatcher symbolise the 12 hours of the day and capture all the beauty of the day, to then let it trickle down to the sleeper at night on the long threads in the lower part, thus taking him into a sheltered dream world.

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